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the extraordinary?
Crafting Experiences
That Transform and Enrich

We not only offer you a journey that will pamper you, but we also create an experience that transcends the boundaries of your imagination.

An experience designed to evoke deeper reflections, enable personal transformation, and indulge all your senses.

Our specialties

Culinary journeys
  • Mountain-top picnics

  • Grilled piranha

  • Meats plate grilled on a hot volcanic stone

  • Freshly roasted coffee and selected cocoa

  • Daily changing menus

  • Traditional dishes with a modern fusion

  • Hygienically prepared

  • Stunningly presented

  • Meals with a view or live show

  • Cooking class

  • Exotic fruit and veggies tour

Exclusive Attractions
  • Andean Rituals

  • Healing Thermal Pools

  • Hot Stone Massages

  • Encounters with Shamans

  • Luxury Trains

  • Virgin Cocoa Forest

  • Hummingbird Observatory

  • Stargazing Baths

  • Cave Portals

  • Cocoa ceremony

  • Bonfires beneath the starlit sky

Take me NOT to church

1. We skip the churches, colonial museums, and all those dull spots. Instead, we take you to places guaranteed to ignite your wonder.

2. It's not just about seeing sights – it's about unraveling stories, delving into Andean legends, immersing in cosmic philosophies, and savoring daily tastings. And if you're up for it, we'll even capture you in local attire during photo sessions.

3. We ensure your well-being by selecting only the finest restaurants and hotels with impeccable hygiene standards.

4. We're dedicated to environmental conservation and supporting local communities. If you're interested, we'll show you how you can make a difference for single mothers, animals, or nature during your journey.

5. We spoil you rotten with indulgent treats: picture a four-hand massage in your private quarters, ancient shamanic rituals, crackling bonfires beneath the starlit sky, live musical performances, creative workshops, or even voice liberation sessions. These are just a few of our exclusive offerings.

6. And here's something truly unique – if you desire, we'll CREATE A PERSONALIZED FILM OF YOUR JOURNEY. Professionally crafted and exclusively yours – a service unlike any other in the industry.

"She paves her own path and it's something to be admired.

Never underestimate her power to take you to amazing places because she truly has some gems up her sleeve. She also respects nature and encourages offerings when visiting certain places.

Agnieszka also always made sure we were well fed and taken care of. She monitored meals and was on top of day to day necessities. She goes above and beyond her duties to make participants feel at home and well cared for."

Briana Salik, writer, Puerto Rico

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