Explore Unique Places

you will see my guests' favorite memories here

Andean Explorer Train, the second-highest railway on Earth

Enjoy luxury and breathtaking vistas as you traverse stunning Andean landscapes, La Raya, the highest elevation point at 4350m/14271ft

Savor an exquisite 3 course gourmet lunch, snacks and drinks on board while taking in the captivating scenery

LIVE music, folk dance, fashion show and flair bartending in open observatory vista dom car

Overnight stay on the shores of the Sacred Chakra of the Planet

Discover the story of your coffee&cocoa from bean to cup, and learn how each step influences the flavor.

A collection of three coffee varieties, journeying through fermentation, drying, and roasting, with tastings of freshly ground coffee and cocoa

View of the glacier (this unique place where from 1500m/5000ft you can see the famous Salkantay glacier at 6264m/20551ft)

Afternoon jungle trek with a local healer who will lead presentations on medicinal Amazonian plants and their properties

Demonstrations of preparing Peru's flagship dish - CEVICHE, or relaxation by the pool or river slide nearby

A coca plantation; a vegetable recognition contest; tastings of fruits straight from the tree

Breathtaking waterfall and grilled piranha for dinner!

The highest capital city in the world

We will visit the mystical islands on Lake Titicaca, the Mermaid Beach, the Witches' Market, have lunch from a cauldron, and sip coca tea.

Imagine unimaginable, experience array of places with Agnieszka, in the way you never thought it was possible.

Agni’s skills in communication and leading people excel during journeys she is organizing. While having organized a full-length 15 days trip for our group, she has proven to be the ideal guide. Leaving space for pondering the sights, but choosing enough experiences for a group of ladies, not to get bored.

I will do it over with Agni! There has not been enough of the landmarks and locations I have visited. And many of them are calling to be back.

Choose Agni to be your guide when you are open enough to explore South America on your own terms, having all the resources and reservations outsourced to her. You will be able to call the time the real unforgettable holidays.

Iwona Montel, Rotterdam
Photographer | Videographer | Event Organizer