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Peru retreat women
Peru retreat women

Never underestimate her power to take you to amazing places because she truly has some gems up her sleeve. She also respects nature and encourages offerings when visiting certain places.

Agnieszka also always made sure we were well fed and taken care of. She monitored meals and was on top of day to day necessities. She goes above and beyond her duties to make participants feel at home and well cared for.

Agnieszka is a special soul and you will feel it as soon as you meet her. She paves her own path and it's something to be admired. If you are ready for an amazing and unforgettable adventure with an incredible host, Agnieszka is the way to go. I highly recommend letting her wild, free, and adventurous spirit lead you around the landscapes and landmarks of Peru..“

Briana Salik, Puerto Rico

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peru private tour
peru private tour

Agni was my guide during the trip to Peru. Her conscientiousness, reliability, and at the same time the ability to unite people and find her way in the most unpredictable situations are exceptional! Additionally, she is a very warm, kind and caring person. We are already planning our next trip! 😀💪“

- Sylwia Królikowska, Poland,

spiritual retreat peru
spiritual retreat peru

I have had the joy of participating in Agni's Ayahuasca and women's retreats, and I wholeheartedly endorse her journeys

They were profoundly transformative experiences, and her sincere care and attentiveness have created a warm atmosphere where we all felt at ease and supported !

Agni possesses huge knowledge about Peru and shares remarkable hidden gems, far from the tourist crowds, which is perfect for those yearning to authentically immerse themselves in the culture

She is an amazing being and her dedication make her an amazing guide for those who seek and deep and meaningful experience in Peru.“

- Célia Duremberg, France

peru luxory retreat
peru luxory retreat

”I am very thankful for the special experience with the plant medicine (mushroom and Cacao) and the guidance of Agne.
She's an amazing human being! And the plant medicine opened up a world of wisdom, insights and different perspectives on living my life.

I felt comfortable and safe with the continuous guidance that she offered during the shrooms session. Agne was supportive and helped me experienced what was shown to me.

During the retreat, she also showed us many of the amazing places in Peru like the Lagun, Machu Picchu, Incas ruines, just to name a few ones...

I bring back with me and in my heart all those beautiful/wonderful moments and places we share together. It was beautiful, it is life changing and I'm really thankful to find her... She has a such a beautiful spirit!!”

- Myriam Cote, Canada

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